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Fermented Licorice TEA-TOX

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  • MaterialFermented Licorice, Black Been, Cassia Seed, Dried Ginger

[HMAX Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

* Ingredients:Fermented Licorice, Black Been, Cassia Seed, Dried Ginger
* Key Benefits: Detoxification

* Licorice the soybean fermentation bacteria Bacillus subtilis and the same (Bacillus subtilis) in fermented to maximize the efficacy of our body good, mixed with other herbs to help discharge toxins configuration is built.

* Patent: No

* Certification: made of biodegradable corn starch using triangular tea bag (Poly Lactic Acid)

* Features:

* OEM Status: No, Teaterra own product

* Case size: 140 * 85 * 120 (mm)
* Teabag inside capacity: 45g (3.0g * 15 EA)
* Prerequisite product weight: 132.73 g

List post : Ingredients fermented licorice, jwinunyi beans, tora, health, Coix Key Benefits Detoxification